About us

The GummiBar is organized by the association GummiBar.

Purpose of the association:
The aim of the association is to provide a platform for the advancement of social contacts for people with a non-heteronormative gender or sexual orientation in Switzerland and the EU. The association sees itself as a starting point for the interest in social and cultural exchange. A central concern is the encouragement
for participation in social life as well as to combat social exclusion, stigmatization or oppression towards people with a paraphilia associated sexual arousal pattern (PASAP) and to strive for an integrating society.

Responsible for the association are:
Brigitte Graber; has been a latex manufacturer  for years. She owns the labels Superliquid and Kinky Diapers.

Fred Daubin, co-organizer of the legendary Skopas Parties


Fabian, owner of abdlclothing.com and abdlstudiopro.com

We welcome every active member who has an interest in the association's purpose and wants to actively support it. Also passive members who give the bar color by sponsorship, are welcome.

GummiBar Association
Murbacherstrasse 18
4056 Basel

Basler Kantonalbank
4002 Basel
IBAN: CH25 0077 0253 4709 7200 1
Verein GummiBar
4056 Basel