Our Concept

The GummiBar is a quiet and cozy place for fetishists in Basel. The meetings take place about 4 times a year.
A socializing event for eating, drinking, chatting and getting to know each other.
the GummiBar you will meet latex lovers, ABDLs, their caretakers, ageplayers, ponies and their equerries, mistresses and their slaves, doctors with nurses and patients, Masters with their subs, men who emphasize their feminine side, sissies and of course, everyone we have forgotten.

Dress you up, show us your style and reflect your fetish.

We welcome it when you take your toys with you.

A spacious wardrobe with mirror and dressing table is available to all visitors. For our ABDL visitors a large diaper changing table is available for use.

If you love hammering Bass Lines, ear deafending techno sounds and gloomy darkrooms, you will be disappointed with us;-)